Personal Information Processing Policy

Everline considers the protection of users' personal information to be of utmost importance. We make every effort to ensure that the personal information provided by users to the company online is protected. Everline (Inc.) complies with the relevant legal provisions on personal information protection, including the Telecommunications Privacy Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. We also adhere to the guidelines on personal information protection set by the Ministry of Science and ICT. Through our Privacy Policy, we inform users about how their provided personal information is being used and the measures taken to protect their privacy. Everline (Inc.) makes the Privacy Policy easily accessible on the homepage to ensure users can readily access it. Please note that the Privacy Policy may be subject to changes due to modifications in government laws, guidelines, or internal policies of the company. We have established necessary procedures to continuously improve the Privacy Policy in accordance with such changes. In the event of any modifications to the Privacy Policy, we will notify users through the Privacy Policy section on the first page of the shopping mall website. Users are advised to check it regularly when visiting the site. Everline (Inc.)'s Privacy Policy covers the following aspects:
  • Consent to collection of personal information
  • Purpose of collection and use of personal information
  • Items and methods of collecting personal information
  • Retention and use period of collected personal information
  • Sharing and provision of collected personal information
  • Matters regarding the management of personal information by users (access, correction, deletion, etc.)
  • Operation and refusal of cookies
  • Management of personal information for non-registered customers
  • Outsourcing of personal information processing
  • Collection of opinions and complaints related to personal information
  • Personal information management officer and contact person's affiliation, name, and contact information
  • Protection of children's personal information
  • Obligation to notify
  • Consent to the collection of personal informationEverline Co., Ltd. provides users with a procedure where they can click the "Agree" or "Cancel" button regarding the content of the company's privacy policy or terms of use. By clicking the "Agree" button, it is considered that the user has agreed to the collection of personal information.
  • Purpose of collection and use of personal information"The term "personal information" refers to information about an individual that can identify the individual based on details such as the individual's name (including information that can identify a specific individual when combined with other information). Most services can be accessed without separate user registration. However, Everline Co., Ltd. collects personal information from users through membership services to provide customized services and improved quality of services. Without the user's prior consent, Everline Co., Ltd. does not disclose the user's personal information, and the collected information is used as follows. Firstly, based on the personal information provided by users, Everline Co., Ltd. can develop more useful services. When developing new services or expanding content, Everline Co., Ltd. can efficiently prioritize the development of services based on the personal information provided by existing users, and can reasonably select and provide content that users need. Secondly, the collected personal information items and the purposes of collection and use are as follows.
    Name, username, password: Used for verifying user identity in accordance with the procedures of using the membership service.
    Email address, phone number: Ensures smooth communication for notifications, handling complaints, and providing information about new services, products, events, etc.
    Bank account information, credit card information: Used for payment of fees related to the use of services and additional services.
    Address, phone number: Ensures accurate delivery address for invoices and product shipments.
    Other optional items: Used for providing personalized services.
    IP Address: Used to prevent misuse and unauthorized use by malicious users.
    Information of legal guardian for users under 14 years old: Used to verify the consent of the legal guardian when collecting personal information of children under 14 years old.
    Other collected information is used for fulfilling service contracts, fee settlement, member management, marketing, and advertising.
  • Information Collected and Collection MethodWhen users sign up as members to use the membership service, Everline collects required information to provide the service through online input. The essential information collected during membership registration includes name, email address, etc. Additionally, in order to provide high-quality services, users may choose to provide additional information such as phone number. Furthermore, selective personal information input may be requested for statistical analysis, prize provision, etc. during surveys or events within the shopping mall. However, sensitive personal information (such as race, ethnicity, ideology, birthplace, political orientation, criminal record, health status, and sexual life) that may pose a risk to users' fundamental rights will not be collected, and if it becomes necessary to collect such information, users' prior consent will be obtained. Moreover, under no circumstances will the collected information be used for purposes other than those disclosed to users in advance, nor will it be disclosed to external parties.
  • Retention and Use Period of Collected Personal InformationEverline retains users' personal information continuously during their use of the online shopping services as members and utilizes it for service provision and other purposes. However, information that users delete or modify directly through the procedures and methods described in "6. Information Regarding Users' Management of Their Personal Information (Access, Correction, Deletion, etc.)" will be treated as unreadable and inaccessible in the future. The same applies to information that is permanently deleted from the disk by irreversible means when a user requests withdrawal.Additionally, personal information collected for temporary purposes (such as surveys, events, identity verification, etc.) as described in "3. Information Collected and Collection Method" will be processed in an irreversible manner after the purpose has been achieved using an appropriate method. In principle, your personal information will be disposed of when the purpose of collection or provision has been achieved.However, if there is a need to retain the information under the provisions of relevant laws, such as the Commercial Act and the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Everline will retain the member information for a certain period prescribed by the applicable laws. When the retention period has expired, the personal information will be disposed of without delay, in a manner that prevents restoration, such as by shredding or incinerating paper documents or using technical methods to delete electronic files.The retention period is as follows: after the purpose of collection or provision has been achieved, your personal information will be disposed of without delay in a manner that prevents restoration.
    Record of Contracts or Withdrawal of Subscription: 5 years
    Record of Payment and Supply of Goods: 5 years
    Record of Consumer Complaints or Dispute Resolution: 3 years
    Everline Co., Ltd. safely handles valuable members' personal information and takes the following methods to destroy personal information in order to prevent leakage.
    Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.
    Personal information stored in electronic files is deleted using technological methods that make it impossible to recover the records.
  • Everline Co. Ltd. uses the collected personal information within the scope notified in "2. Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information" and generally does not exceed this scope or disclose the user's personal information to external parties without prior consent. However, there are exceptions in the following cases.
    If the user has agreed in advance to disclosure
    If it is necessary for fee settlement according to service provision
    If it violates the service terms and conditions or operating principles posted on the homepage
    If there is sufficient justification to believe that personal information should be disclosed in order to take legal measures against others for causing mental or material harm through the use of company services
    If it is deemed necessary in good faith due to a request from the government/investigative agency through a lawful procedure based on relevant laws (e.g., a request from a government/investigative agency in accordance with relevant laws)
    If it is provided to advertisers, business partners, research organizations, etc. in a form that does not identify specific individuals for statistical analysis, academic research, or market research purposes
  • If requested by the member, they can access their personal information, make modifications, or request deletion at any time. Necessary information stored by the company can be modified. Additional information beyond the required information during membership registration can also be accessed, modified, or deleted. Changes to personal information and account deletion can be done through the customer center after logging in.
  • The operation and rejection of cookies.Purpose of using cookies.
    The company uses 'cookies' to store and retrieve information about users in order to provide personalized services. Cookies are small pieces of information that a website server sends to the user's browser and are stored on the user's computer's hard drive.
    The company can provide specific personalized services only through the use of cookies.
    The company may use cookies to identify members and maintain their login status.
    Installation/Operation and Rejection of Cookies
    Users have the option to allow or refuse the installation and operation of cookies. Therefore, users can adjust their web browser settings to allow or refuse all cookies or to receive confirmation whenever a cookie is stored.
    - To specify whether to allow cookie installation (for Internet Explorer), follow these steps: Select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu. Click on the "Privacy" tab. Set the "Privacy Settings" to your preference.
    If you refuse to store cookies, some services provided by the company, such as personalized services, may be difficult to use.
  • Management of Personal Information for Non-Member Customers: We also allow non-member customers to purchase goods and services. For non-member orders, we only request the necessary personal information for delivery, payment, and product shipment. The payment and recipient information provided by non-member customers for their purchases will only be used for payment processing and product delivery purposes and will not be used for any other purposes.
  • Personal Information Outsourcing: For the improvement of services, Everline may collect, process, and manage your personal information through outsourcing to external parties, provided that the necessary requirements, such as consent and legal obligations, are met. Everline may also provide personal information to third parties. We entrust certain tasks related to the processing of personal information to external entities, and we establish necessary provisions to ensure the secure management of personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, the shared information is limited to the minimum necessary information required to achieve the intended purpose.
    Outsourcing Recipient: CJ Delivery
    Outsourced Tasks: Product Delivery and Event Prize Shipping
    Outsourcing Recipient: KCP
    Outsourced Tasks: Payment Processing via Credit Card, Mobile Phone, and Bank Transfer
    Outsourcing Recipient: BuyApps
    Outsourced Tasks: Mobile App Management
    We collaborate with the following companies to provide you with convenient and beneficial services. The provided personal information includes the following items from the information you provided when registering as a member:
    Recipient: NHN Commerce Co., Ltd.
    Provided Personal Information: ID, Email, Password, Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Phone Number
    Purpose of Information Usage: Customer Information Database System Construction and Operation/Management (IT outsourcing)
    Information Retention and Usage Period: [Retention Period]
    However, exceptions apply in the following cases:
    - When users have given prior consent
    - When required by law or when a law enforcement agency requests in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by law for investigation purposes
  • When outsourcing or providing personal information, we will notify you in writing, via email, phone, or website in advance regarding the matters such as the recipient, scope of outsourcing, and scope of shared information.
  • Regarding the collection of opinions and handling of complaints related to personal information, we value your opinions and have established procedures and methods to handle complaints. You can report complaints through phone or email using the contact information provided in the "11. Personal Information Management Responsibility and Contact Person" section below. We will respond promptly and adequately to user complaints.
  • Personal Information Protection Manager and Contact Person: We strive to ensure that you can safely use good information. If an incident occurs that violates the matters notified to you regarding the protection of personal information, the Personal Information Protection Manager will be held responsible. The security responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the password for the user's ID is in the hands of the user. We never directly ask users for their passwords by any means, so please be particularly careful not to disclose your password to others. This is especially important when accessing online services in public places. We have designated a Personal Information Protection Manager and contact person for collecting opinions and handling complaints related to personal information, and the contact information is as follows.
    Name: Ahn Sungmin
    Position: IT Development Department
    Phone Number: 02-2661-0996
  • Protection of Children's Personal Information: Everline believes that protecting the personal information of children under the age of 14 in the online environment is also important. Everline prohibits children under the age of 14 from becoming members without the consent of their legal guardian. In other words, children under the age of 14 can only receive membership services from Everline when there is consent from their legal guardian.
  • Notification Obligation: In the event of any additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents of this Privacy Policy due to changes in government policies or security technologies, we will notify you through the "Notice" section of our website. Privacy Policy Effective Date: May 24, 2018 Privacy Policy Modification Date: May 24, 2018